Mar 3, 2014

Consumers Choice

  The most recent snow storm to grace the Midwest had me thinking, I super need to defrost my fridge. Not something that’s difficult, but not the worlds most fun after school activity either. The exceptional lack of amusement that comes with defrosting ones refrigerator had caused me to put it of slightly past the manufactures recommended time. Its safe to say there was more ice in my fridge then at the Sochi Winter Olympics. Zing!

  While reaching for my trusty pot of boiling water I remembered a semi-recent thrift store find. A still in the box, lightly used, Davis Infra-Red Freezer Refrigerator Defroster. With only an estimated 50/50 chase of it killing me I decided it was high time to use the little rascal.

  No instructions where in the box, presumably lost to time and space. Not really an issue though, it’s a pretty dead simple gadget. Plug it in, it gets hot, ice melts. The product tag line is pretty much spot on. “works so fast that frozen foods cant thaw!

  What took 30 to 40 minutes the old fashion way was only 10 to 15 min with this fancy piece of modern living. How I ever lived without such a marvel I will never know. If you are a weirdo like me and using a vintage fridge I highly recommend tracking one of these or similar device down.