Mar 7, 2013


  Possibly a futile quest, I am determined to fix all those “little things” around the house. For this adventure I challenged the light fixture located in my basement stairs to a duel. Casting aside concern for my own well-being, I delved into the darkness. Striking hard and fast, I dealt blow after blow to my dastardly foe. After what had to have been an exhausting 8 or 9 minutes of grueling fighting the fixture squealed "uncle" and I was victorious. 

  Seriously though, fixing a dead fixture is super easy. Grab some heavy gauge wire and a new socket (found easily at your local big box store) and you can resurrect any fixture. Just make sure you turn the power off and pray to Crom first.

the old wire
check out the burn marks on the old socket
wired up and ready
dig the crazy light patter it throws

lighting my darkest hour

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