Aug 20, 2013

Just livin'

What’s new around the Home of Tomorrow you ask? Not much, just livin’ man, L-I-V-I-N.
We had beautiful weather over the weekend so I did have time to do a few little things in addition to my standard yard maintenance. 

A friends neighbor cut down a tree and had free fire wood. I nabbed a truck load for myself and artfully used the stack of mysterious center blocs that came with my house as a wood rack. Not the most beautiful thing but the overall price of FREE fits my current budget nicely.

Also, I finally had the time to use the little power washer I received from my mom as a gift. Let me tell you, its a little odd when your mom drops by randomly holding a power washer and saying “this seemed like something you could use.” Heart of gold that lady.

The washer is nothing fancy, she picked it up at a JC Penny’s outlet of all places. Sure as heck fire gets the job done though. It took what I can only assume is 50 years of grim off my stairs and walk ways like it was nothing. Super easy to use and in a weird way, I even had fun doing it. 


  1. Wow that's a pretty big improvement on the concrete! That railing will look awesome when you get it repainted too I bet.

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  3. Sooo...what's new and exciting in your neck of the woods? :D

    1. Hey Doug, I seem to suffer from the curse of a thousand hobbies. I actually have a post that I hope to get up here soon. Just need to get some good pictures to go with it. Mostly I have been teaching myself life casting, mold making and animatronics. Not quite related to mid century house living. How are things at your stellar place?

    2. Haha...I have a thousand hobbies too. And I know all too well having a story but lacking the appropriate pictures. I just finished repairing the lamp post that I cleaned up in the spring - it got ran over by my mother in law's best friend while backing out of the driveway a few weeks ago. While a hassle, I fixed some other things that were wrong with it so it all worked out. I used the push there to finish cleaning, repairing and upgrading the other lights - per your suggestion I now have light sensors in all of them. Far cheaper than a fancy system to turn them on and off from my phone!

      I have some friends here that are big into making realistic (though hideous and scary) face masks. They just did one for the local "Zombie Walk" (see for yourself here, pretty scary looking: )

    3. Good job turning tragedy into something great. Secret to life I suppose. Glad the sensors are working for you. Almost a year in, Im still very happy with mine. Sometimes the simple stuff just works better.