Oct 25, 2013

Coffey anyone?

Continuing with the theme of really cool stuff I’ve found completely at random, this week out of pure dumb luck I stumbled across a beautiful set of Kent Coffey Perspecta bedroom furniture. A total case of being in the right place at the right time. I landed the 3 piece set which is in almost perfect shape for the ridiculously tiny sum of $150 bucks. When I’m old and grey and recounting my great thrifting adventures with park bench passerby’s, I will for sure regale them with this tale.

Honestly I have no idea if other people are interested in the Perspecta line. Though a cursory Google search does bring up some Etsy and eBay listing, I think most people seem to prefer the similarly styled and iconic Broyhill Brasilia stuff. I’ve never been one to follow the mainstream though. Always carving my own weird path of destruction and mayhem. 

Please excuse the poor photos. The old bedroom furniture was still in the room then I snapped these. Not a lot of room to maneuver.


  1. Whoa...what a ridiculous find! They look to be in near pristine condition too. Was it an estate auction or just a thrift store find?

    1. You will appreciate this Doug, I found it at my local ReStore. You never know what you will stumble across in those places.

  2. Gorgeous - and I'll take Kent Coffey any day!

  3. Beautiful. Love the wood grain on the chest of drawers.

  4. Nicee post thanks for sharing