Dec 6, 2013

Turkey Day

You know how on Thanksgiving everyone will go around the table and say what they are thankful for? Well, this year my esteemed declaration to the world is being thankful for having friends and family who support my wack-a-do ideas. This year they rather excitedly indulged me in one of my more unusual ones. Fondue Thanksgiving. Which let me tell you, turned out pretty freaking awesome. 
For the main course we had traditional style items like turkey, vegetables, bread and stuffing. For dipping we had the fondue standards of oil and fondue cheese. We also had gravy because whats thanksgiving without gravy. You really haven't lived until you have used gravy for a fondue. For safety reasons we pre-cooked the turkey some, then let everyone cook their pieces to individual liking in the oil. 

The best part was desert though, my sister counted 11 separate delicacies. Tasty items like strawberries, pineapple, cinnamon rolls, and poundcake. For the desert dipping we went with the always classic melted chocolate and a concoction of cinnamon cream cheese icing.

I don’t now if this would work for a large family but with just five of us around the table it was an incredible evening. Not to mention, the preparation was almost non existent. Instead of a full day of cooking we all just hung out in my den, enjoying good company on a pleasant afternoon. Most amusingly, my mom who normally slaves away in the kitchen on Turkey Day almost didn't know what to do with herself. She keep thinking she was forgetting to make something. It really was a fun and relaxing family get together. I having a feeling it's going to be a new family tradition.


  1. I see we have some Corelle Harvest Gold plate ware there. Nice!

    1. Yeah, thanks to one heck of a thrift store find I have a shocking amount of that set. I don't know about other areas but you can find that stuff pretty easily in my neck of the woods.