Apr 25, 2013


  When I started this blog just a few fleeting months ago I set myself a goal. I am to post at least once a week. I’ve always been one of those people that thrives with consistency. It’s also a kindness for you, my readers, to know something new will show up in a relatively timely manner. I must admit my folly though. 

  Recently my other hobbies, which there are many, have taken center stage. With the weather getting marvelous I could specifically no longer ignore my two wheeled interests. All of which needed some repair and attention.

  My bicycle was the easy fix. Needing only new tires and tubes. My scooter on the other had needed a little of everything. Tires, brake pads and front disc, exhaust and even a freaking new throttle cable. I ride the heck out of that little thing, I’ve enjoyed it so much over the last 5 years that I made the decision to finally get my motorcycle license. (not required for a 50cc scooter in Missouri) This last weekend, down right all of my time was spent in a motorcycle safety course. Even though I’ve been ridding a scoot for a while I’m amazed how many things I learned during the course. I wish I had taken it sooner and I highly recommend taking one in your area if you’re considering some two wheeled freedom.

  Don’t fret though, I have many, many, more home related projects. In the near future I plan to unleash hot furious restoration upon my backyard patio. Not to mention I’m currently formulating my number one summer expenditure. PROJECT: TOTALLY RADICAL SUPER EXCELLENT GARAGE RESTORATION. I may change the name though. 

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  1. I love riding a motorcycle in the summers. It's such an awesome "toy" to have.

    BTW - just because I was thinking about it - have you researched taking your house solar? There are some pretty awesome deals out there now and since you are all electric it seems like it would make financial sense. For me my electric bill is so low (natural gas hot water \ heat) that the payback isn't close to feasible.