May 31, 2013

Revenge of the Toilet

When most people take vacations from work they go somewhere...else in the world, away from their everyday life and home.

Not this guy.

I took a week off work and spent almost the entire time here at my house fiddling with things. Guess it comes with the territory when you are madly in love with your house.
The first thing I tackled was that damn peach toilet. It’s been plaguing me since I moved in. Constantly running and full of crusted over original equipment, I cringe every time someone used it. 

With one failed attempt to repair it looming over me, this was my chance to regain my honor. This time, my strategy was simple. I was going to replace every single part inside the tank. That way I would be positive to knock out all possible scenarios of failure.

I’m proud to say the plan worked and after replacing all of the crusty vintage internal parts I now have a fully functioning toilet. Thanks to my local ReStore I was even able to upgrade to a brand new never used dual flush system. You know, the kind where it’s up on the handle for liquids and down on the handle for solids. I have to say so far I’m impressed with the system...but the true test will be the next party I have.


  1. I love your house. I found the link to this blog from Retro Renovations and just wanted to let you know I enjoyed looking through your terrific house. I remember vividly when I was a kid in the 60's that a 'gold medallion home' was quite a thing. Electric companies advertised constantly to look for the gold medallion and real estate listings and ads made a big thing out of it too. My grandparents lived in one. It was all part of how we were taught in elementary school science that soon the plentiful, abundant electric power from nuclear plants would make so much cheap electricity if would be practically free, and eliminate all other forms of energy. You truly have a house of tomorrow. I'm also envious of the light fixture over your dining room table, and am crazy about the florescent cornice board up-lighting over your living room windows. I also think I have companion artwork to your vintage smut collection. I have art prints of 50's pulp paperback book covers in one room. Gives a colorfully lurid vibe. Thanks for posting the progress and congrats on your very cool home.

    1. Aww thank you so much for the complements. It makes me very happy to know there are others out there who enjoy this kind of house. If you haven't already checked it out, visit his house is awesome and he has some of the florescent cornice board up-lighting in his living room as well.