Feb 1, 2013


 Sometimes things you don't need come into your life and you can't stop the insatiable desire to make it yours. Last night was one such occasion. I am now the proud owner of a Kodac Deluxe Photo-Hobby Outfit. A completely unused one I might add. The box top has seen better days but nothing on the inside has been opened. It even still has the tag from a no longer in existence photography shop. Extra cool seeing as how much I love St.Louis history.

 The shop was called Bader's Artist Supplies and Cameras. Located at 1113 Locust St, it seems to be a dentists office these days. Besides the tag from a long defunct camera shop the kit includes everything the amateur photographer could need. Paper, chemicals, trays and even an enlarger of sorts.

 It would be so much fun to bust this all out and set up a "darkroom in my own kitchen" as the box says. Sadly, it would pain me to much to break the seals on the unopened boxes. Not to mention the chemicals contained in those bottles have probably found new ways to kill me over their years spent stored in a dingy basement. I'll just suffer and gain what enjoyment I can from letting it sit on display. Smiling when I walk past it.

For extra fun here is a link to an original add for the Kodac Deluxe Photo-Hobby Outfit.

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