Feb 3, 2013

Light of my life

 While perusing some of my favorite blogs, I came across the impossibly cool 1959 Virden Lighting catalog on retrorenovation.com. Retro Renovation is probably the finest mid century modern blog out there and the curator has recently been posting up a storm of vintage product catalogs. This particular one from Virden is full of drop dead gorgeous lighting fixtures. Many of which hold a striking resemblance to the built-ins of my domicile. 

 Is it possible Virden made some of the lighting that brightens my life? I may never know, but I will enjoy sharing some pictures of the incredible fixtures throughout “The Home of Tomorrow.” Enjoy.

Entry Hallway 
Powder Room


Second Bedroom 

Main Bedroom

Main Bathroom (There are only two, the mirror is reflecting)

Family Room or Den as I call it.

Den (there are three of these total)

Garage Entry


Living Room or Theatre Room as I call it

Built-in hallway night light

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