Feb 10, 2013

Let there be light

 Round these parts, weekends mean project time. This weekend was no exception, in fact I got a lot of things accomplished. Most of which have nothing to do with my mid century house, so I'll skip those bits and show you all something of interest. My new(old) kitchen pull down light. 

 As covered in a previous post, many wonderful lighting fixtures exist in my house. Everywhere there are things that not only supply light but also some serious character to my surroundings. The only place that was lacking was the kitchen dining area. At some point years ago a disgusting, bland, chandelier was put in. Nothing about it matched the house. I can only hope it was a quick fix for something that stopped woking. 

 Being on a budget I decided I would for now pass on my dream of owning a Sputnik lamp and see what else awaits me on the pickers heaven of eBay. Low and behold with in an hour of searching I found the perfect piece. 

 Like a wood and golden rocket ship this marvel now hovers above my kitchen table. There are lights on the top and bottom. They can be on all at once or separately. I tried googling the tags on the light but Ive come up with diddle squat. Only that the company “Imperialites” who made it also made a bunch of other lights. Thanks internet. Oh well, all I care is it looks awesome and feels like it belongs in the house. 


  1. Can you take a picture of the tag if you still have it? It maybe Emerson Imperialites...

    1. I had the for thought to take a picture of the tag before I hung the pull down light. I'll add the picture to the post. If you know more I'd love to hear about it!

    2. Yep that actually narrows it down a lot. Emerson-Imperial Lighting Company. Subsidiary of Emerson Electric Manufacturing.
      (Mid way down is the same logo)

      Is that E12833 or E12933...that should be the model code.
      Sometimes if you email them, they respond. Send them a picture of the tag and lamp. They can tell you production date, catalog, etc.

      Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc (www.ul.com) is the inspection firm that certified it against standard code C-62518.

      Hope that puts you further down the road on this mystery.

    3. I believe its a 9. I'm discovering very quickly I need to invest in a better camera. I can't thank you enough for your help and I greatly appreciate you taking the time to peruse my little slice of the blogosphere.